4 Corners Swapmeet – Buy Sell & Trade



Markets filled with beautiful fabrics and clothes, all kinds of shoes, electronics and what not, have similarities to crazy night out. You go out, get excited, make decisions, regret them the next day, week or month. Not always, but it has happen to all of us.

This is how it will work

Arrive around 1PM to make sure you have a spot. To book a spot beforehand or ask questions call Sanna 186 10 344 632 or Kristin 131 21 856 484. Booking a spot is free of charge. We will have sections for electronics, clothes and misc. Even if you have more than just one, you will be put in one. Quantity decides. Bring all kinds of things! Clean them at least a little bit, smack some price tags on. Even things one might call “fixer uppers” are welcome! No need to worry about things not being brand new, lets keep it simple. We will also have a freebie basket set up for you to just dump stuff in. Things you just want to get rid of and don’t even wanna bother about any fair trade.

Why we are doing this

Getting too excited the first couple of weeks in China about all the cheap things is quite normal. Especially for us ladies. Oh gosh we (ofc, not everyone) go nuts for clothes and shoes at Silk Market, Zoo Market and Ya Xiu. All these markets!! All these opportunities! Opportunities to try garments, colours, fabrics, combinations, styles and looks we never thought we would ever be interested in. But years later at this price, why not? A pair of lowcut flared 70s jeans for 50 kuai, why not try it out? Maybe I will look cute and adorable? Back home, it would have been a real investment and big decision. Never worth it.

After a year or so in Beijing we come down from this high of possibilities and go back to “normal”. What’s “normal” though, is different now since we did pick up a few things that we are still happy about. But we still do have that pile of stuff that didn’t quite work out, that didn’t change our lives. We didn’t look cute and adorable, cus those freaking jeans made our butt vanish. We never wore those awful jeans ever, ever again. For somebody else who is little tinier than our beautiful selves, they work. Lets give that girl a chance to find these flares! Our apartments are way to small anyway to store things “just because maybe one day…”

How about that guitar you never learned to play? Other interested that got replaced? That ex parrots cage, or your new dogs old puppy bed? Your ex partners space-wasting stuff he/she never picked up? Helmets to your stolen scooter? Cables you don’t even know what they are for? Those cute but awful heels to high to have a good time in? Beginners Chinese books you are way ahead?

No matter how we feel about these items today, we felt differently about them once. We liked them! For this reason we shall not throw them away, because we know somebody else will like them just like we did. Lets do ourselves, mother nature and each other a solid. Lest trade amongst ourselves! Your two tops, for my one skirt? Or, Ill just buy those two tops off of you for 50 kuai?

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