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SAK_DC (40 of 41) Show was too loud The cops arrived..

DC is a group of handsome fellas in their mid 20’s who plays music together. And plays it well.

Their sound is original, modern and clean, somewhere in between Old Coldplay and New Coldplay.

Old Coldplay is melodiotic with slow dramatic buildups. New Coldplay is more commercial rock and pop. DC is right there in the middle.
And their Coldplay Yellow cover is awesome.

Sometimes it was difficult to hear Jesse’s words, but you could definitely hear his voice. His beautiful voice.

DC put on a fantastic show last Friday, see the full gallery. They were the last act to go on stage, following an acoustic guitarist entertaining our dinner guests and the Punky SKA band Good Enough For Disco. Naturally, peoples attention was already on the stage, DC only had to make sure to keep it there. And oh boy did they! They brought so much attention to this stage that an angry neighbour came in, knocked over a microphone stand and yelled at the band for a minute or two. Then came Jun, our magnificent chef and bouncer, spoke some dominating words in Chinese, shoved him out the backdoor and then the show continued. Jun saved the evening! A half an hour later, Jun and the angry neighbour was hanging out by our entrance over a cigaret. The cops arrived, but the neighbour sent them home. Naturally we will invite DC back.

Writer & Photographer Sanna K / sanna@sannak.se>

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