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No plans for INTRO festival on Friday?
No problem, we got it covered.

Cardamomo is a World Music band with a big number of members. Now they are travelling China as a much smaller act playing Latin music only. Usually on stage they have 15 different instruments such as the Sitar, the djembe, something called “Udu” and even a cello. They also have belly dancers in beautiful clothing and smokemachines at their previous extravagant venues. We wont get the full blown version of all their musical magic, but we will get a glimpse of it. And we will definitively, for sure, be blown away.

My name is Sanna Kallioniemi and I work at 4 Corners. Currently I’m writing a post to promote your band and music, aiming at letting people know what kind of music CARDAMOMO plays. If it’s not too much trouble, please help me finish it. How many people are in the band? Could you send over some pictures? What does Cardamomo mean? Could you tell me a little about this tour? How long have you been playing together? What can the audience expect from this night? Thank you! Welcome to China : )
Sanna K


Hello Sanna, Thank you for the interest in our band. It is a pleasure to provide you with the information. Cardamomo, World Music band is an artistic proposal based in the appreciation of various cultures and civilizations around the Earth, using music as a language of tolerance and respect. Coming from a peaceful nation in Central America, the Costa Rican composer, Rodolfo Muñoz has created a journey of sounds and rhythms that represents backgrounds of mutual understanding among various countries, using music as an universal language for peace.

The songs includes inspiration on Arab, Indian, Chinese and Latin melodies and harmonies, among many others. The musical proposal of Cardamomo is intended to provoke a multicultural understanding and a global bond with other ways of seeing life, without political, religious or language barriers.

About the album. The first album of the band is call CARDAMOMO. Only ten songs were selected over more than 100 original pieces created in the past decade. The chosen works also represent the top-ten preferred by our audience during this period of time. Around 35 acoustic instruments have been performed in this recording, including Sitar, Esraj, Swarmandal, among many others, in order to enrich the sounds and beats of the different culture represented.This work is completely instrumental (no lyrics), with the purpose of keeping these songs as a journey without language limitations around the world.

About the band. Cardamomo is born in Costa Rica, Central America, as an independent artistic proposal. Rodolfo Muñoz is the composer of all original works in this album. The band is 10 years old, and started as a way to promote culture, tolerance and peace around the world. Thank you, if you need anything else please let us know, Best regards, Rodolfo Muñoz

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