Karaoke night w. Steven McKinney


Steven McKinney

Time to shake it up a bit! On Saturday May 2, you will be in charge of what you will be listening to. Karaoke Nights are rare at 4 Corners but times they are a changin’! Leave your self-consciousness at home and cut loose from the normal night out. This is what Steven wants you to do! Steven, the lead singer of Stevie Mac And the MacDaddies, will be your host and there will be a special offer in the bar.

Since we are fully aware that people love Karaoke with a buzz going, we are not gonna make it difficult. In fact; we are making it easy.

Feel free to send us song requests in advance through our contact form or by posting on our facebookpage. The earlier the better!


Hey Steven! What’s your go-to Karaoke song?
My go-to song is Footlose (by Kenny Loggins). Singing that song is actually what got me my job at Lush.

What song will make you jump for joy if somebody totally nails it? If somebody could nail one song, I’d like to hear Don’t stop believing with Journey.

What song do you hate so much, that the whole night might be shut down if it’s played? That would be Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody. Not that I hate the song, I love the song, but it’s so long. It’s about 8 to 10 minutes, and that’s just miserable for a Karaoke Night.

Do you have any rules or guidelines for the participants? Drink! Have fun! Don’t be self-conscious! Make a fool out of yourself! This is what makes a great karaoke night.

What makes you a great Karaoke Night host? Haha, my charm and ability to involve those around me.


Turn off proxy to watch this Footloose video.

Sanna K / Photographer & Writer / sanna@sannak.se

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