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Steven McKinney (3d right, Lead Vocals, Cian Rance (6th right, Guitar), JP Fernandez (Not in picture, Bass), Thierry Trotignon (Bottom left, Keys), Jay Aumua (Bottom right, Drums), Erin Luce (1st right, Tenor Sax), Vojtech Havrda (2nd right, Alto Sax, Eric Willingham II (4th right, Trombone), Olivia Ryan (7th right, 2nd Vocals), Colette Howarth (Not in picture, 2nd Vocals), Miri Shlimak (5th right, 2nd Vocals),

"Steven McKinney, lead singer of The Avengers of Music, is starting a new band". The word started going around a few months back, which spiked curiosity and the excitement grew naturally together with pieces the of information we got. He wasn't only starting a new band, he was starting a big band. Will Tavey Lean and The Solid Gold dream machine get some serious competition? I squeezed myself into the tiny practice room at Goza during their rehearsal of No Diggity by Blackstreet. A reggae SKA rhythm was filling the room when I got in, and it was awesome. There ain't enough of those beats in the Beijing Music scene. So a few songs are overlapping from The Avengers set-list, but they are played differently. The Macettes and Mac Daddies adds saxophones and trombone to them, which changes the sound completely.

Hey Steven, how come you decided to overlap some songs from the Avengers?
The Mac Daddies are about 50% Avengers. I kept the songs that are truly special to me, No Diggity being one of them. The Avengers are moving on to more rock, less pop, so I brought the ones the Avengers are less likely to play in the future. Time was also a factor since we had this date booked, but after this first show we will learn new songs.

Where did the idea to start a band this size come from?
Well I’m from Louisiana so Ive always liked jazz.. Been listening to a band called The Postmodern Jukebox a lot, which is my immediate inspiration together with Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids. Listening to these musicians made me realized I wanted to something similar myself.

What was the first step to get the Mac Daddies up and running?
The band actually created itself, there wasn’t so much recruiting involved. I just asked Erin and JP from the Avengers, and from them the word spread. Within a week and a half I had the whole band together, and we felt the chemistry working right from the first practice.

That’s a great sign of there being restless musicians out there looking for a band, don’t you think?
Yes, for sure.

What are you hoping to accomplish with the Mac Daddies?
I want us to get in to the Corporate circuit where there is more money involved. Since we are a big band with many talented musicians who deserves payment for their hard work, I have to find clients and venues who can give them that.

What kind of gigs are we talking about?
Company parties, hotels, PR events, embassy balls and so on.

What about charity events? As a gift to the givers…
Tonight’s show is also to promote the charity event to support Nepal, which we have made the after party of our show.

I am a philanthropist, so ofc I will encourage my band to do free shows for charity with me, but this is not a decision I can make by myself. You cant force someone to give. Giving is really something that needs to come from the heart.






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