Rich & Jaymi – Slow acoustic night


Rich & Jaymi

Rich is a guy who seems to be at many places at once — although I am sure, that this Friday, he will be at 4 Corners and 4 Corners only. Jaiymi, an “old” singing buddy of his, has just moved to Beijing and they decided to celebrate their reunification by getting on stage and having some fun! So nothing fancy, just what we like to o call “Fun with friends and music”.

Join us joining them jamming!

Hey guys, what are you guys playing for us on Friday? We’re not doing anything crazy this Friday – just a light acoustic set for fun, Rich told me.
Cool! Tell me more! Well, we are doing a generally slow set of acoustic pop.
Who is playing and singing what? On stage we will have a guitar and a keyboard.
Is there anything special about this night? We both used to sing together before, we thought we’d just do a secret set and have some fun.
Alright, who is the target audience? You’re going to love it if you’re eating dinner. Not so much if you’re slamming tequilas.
Ha! Final words? Nope, it will be pretty chill, a live musical experiment if you will, Jaymi contributed.

9:30 PM

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