DJ Sunbrown a.k.a Jay 1,2 – Eclectic blend


JAY 1,2 a.k.a

DJ Sunbrown, Chistmas in Bangkok 2014 Photo by Julie J

Dj Sunbrown at Migas Rooftop Photo By Chris D

Jay 1,2 has been active in Beijing for 8 years, but has been going under his earlier name DJ Sunbrown. At the beginning he had his residency at The Sattle and The Rickshaw, then Fubar and Migas. About 6 months ago he hosted Prince VS Micheal Jackson nights for us. Nowadays he is mainly playing at Homeplate and Parlor.

What kind of music will you be treating us with this lovely evening?
– I don’t come to gigs knowing what type of genre to play. I don’t bring a set list. People who know me, knows I’ll play anything.
I can go from house, to funk, to disco, to underground Hip Hop not mainstream Hip Hop. I can put on some Afro beat, Steely Dan, Sun Ra.. You might even get a Muddy Waters album out of me, all depending on how I am feelin’.

But mostly I play disco, house, funk and soul.

It’s a really eclectic blend. I play what makes me feel good, and what I think will make the crowd feel good.

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