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The Rotten 5

The Rotten Five consists of Stuart Wiggin (Vocalist), Fan Zhai (Guitarist), Justin Richardson (Bassist), Roy Sun (Keyboardist), and Troy Hankansson (Drummer). The Rotten Five provides an eclectic mix of Motown Detroit Soul, Blues, and British Hiphop, putting modern twists on 1960’s classics. Get ready to cut some rug on the dance floor with a truly unique Beijing band.

Stuart Wiggin – Stuart has been in Beijing for 8 years and now hosts a comedy show called C4.
Fan Zhai – Chinese guy born in France, who has spent years at a time in different parts of the world. The long journey has now led him to stay a few years in Beijing.
Justin Richardson – Has been playing music in Beijing for more than 10 years. Is also active in another band called Strange Visitations.
Roy Sun – Beijinger, born and raised. Very big on blues, he used to play at CD Blues every week before it closed down.
Troy Hankansson – Married with kids, so he is the most stable one in the group.

Have a listen

Stuart, what kind of music would you say TR5 plays?
Motown Hip Hop.

Why would you say that?
Haha, because we sing Motown songs and rap UK hip hop over the top.

Where did the name come from?
I came up with the name, inspired by a UK hip hop song called So Rotten, by Blak Twang.

Fan, how long has this band existed?
We got together last year in September.

Why did The Rotten 5 happen?
What happen was that Justin Richardson, our bassist, had a buddy whose Australian band called Plan B, had a gig at Temple Bar. They need someone to open for them.
I had put an add on The Beijinger looking for a band, Justin found it and contacted me. He happened to know a keyboardist and drummer already, I knew a vocalist so that’s how we got together. We were supposed to only play one show, but had so much fun at Temple that we decided to keep going.

For this next segment I asked the band to send me a selfie each + answer this one question:
How would you describe the stereotype in your fanbase?

Stuart Wiggin
Our typical fan is varied. We get young guys coming up to us after gigs saying they cant believe we mix Jay Z with Led Zeppelin. And we get older crowds singing along to out Marvin Gaye tracks or Donny Hathaway cover. And then before they know it – they’re nodding their heads to a verse of Cypress Hill.

People who come to our shows are generally music enthusiasts looking for a good time!

Stereotypical person at our show = probably came for the drinks, and then stayed for the music.

Gulou Hipster that appreciates live performance that is fluid and different each time they perform.

Its hard to say since we have a little something for everyone. It doesnt matter if you’re a fan of Daft Punk, BB King, or Biggie, we got you covered!

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