Launch party!

The yuletide is coming

Christmas dinner 22016

Weekend Events in August


Due to recent warnings by the PSB, regular live music events will be more sporadic until the 70th Anniversary holidays are over. Also, be advised there will be private functions at 4corners at these dates:

Saturday August 8th 8PM – MIDNIGHT
Dulwich College Welcome Party
Friday August 14th 9PM – 11PM
Kentucky Bourbon Tasting (courtyard only)
Saturday August 22nd 7PM – 11PM
Private Birthday Party

Solid Gold

Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine

Our pride and joy, Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine is playing a midnight set. It’s gonna be awesome.

Solid Gold Show
August 8
at midnight

Jo & The Hot Water Band

Jo & The Hot Water Band

The Hot Water Band will make you feel like home. Music will naturally sneak into your ears as when you were 18, trying your first chords with your dad’s guitar. Release your energy with some explosive blues, try your dancing skills with our classic dancing rock and eventually fall in love with just a couple of romantic heartbreakers.All will be served topped by the charismatic and sensual voice of Jo, that will eventually drag you to the dancefloor if she feels like it.

10 PM

Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine

Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine
Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine

Ready to get hot, thirsty and exhausted?

We all know what a Solid Gold show at 4C means. It’s hot like hell and crowded as f**k. Bathroom cue will be pretty bad. People hanging out by the bar just babbling so you can’t even order a friggin’ beer. You might even spill it out whence you have it. You will run out of smokes and aaall that other good stuff that comes with a great night out – like making friends! dancing! singing & shouting! sweating! laughing & drinking!
It will be one of those nights you wont forget, one of those Beijing Hutong nights when the cops arrives and shuts it down cus it was too loud. EPIC!!

10 PM

4th of July party!

Independence Day

All day party w. DJs, Live music & great American food and drink!

30 RMB cover charge after 9 PM.

Special Offers

50 kuai burgers
20 kuai Grilled Hotdogs
Extra large baskets of wings
PBR cans
Jack Daniels


6 PM DJ William Scratchner w. crew
10 PM Stevie Mac & the Mac Daddies

Further info is yet to be confirmed.

4th of July

Jump The Fence – Well constructed sound

Jump The Fence, Hot CatJump The Fence Jump The Fence was formed in February of 2015, performing original music written by singer and keyboardist Jody, finalized by the band. Read more