Chinese New Year Melee

Feb 2015

Chris Roberson & David Fertitta (1 of 1)

Chinese New Year Melee
Wednesday Feb 18th
w. our DJ’s Chris & David

Chris Roberson and David Fertitta has gotten crowds dancing many times before, and tonight its happening again. Chris & David or David & Chris, no mega important order there, will be playing older dancy crowd pleasers all night. During a brief conversation with Chris, I asked if he could summarize this night they’ve planned for us with three words. The answer was rather intriguing.

  1. Fireworks
  2. Zany
  3. Bulging music.

– What is “bulging” music ? – Fun, silly party jamz Ah right, should have know. Assuming we are all equally confused and curious about what all of this means, there is only one thing to do, isn’t there? Hit that dancefloor and hit it hard.

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