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Good vibes!

Storytelling now on Thursdays

We decided to make a switch! Now Wednesdays are for Open Mic Night, and Thursdays for Storytelling.
Also not anymore at 8PM, but at 9.30 PM.

Tonights theme is: “WAIT, WAIT… What?”
See you there!

Launch party!

The yuletide is coming

Christmas dinner 22016

Open Mic


Burger Cup coming Up!

To win this, we really gotta get our team together! We need our friends to vote for us! Which is possible September 7th, Monday at noon.
We have made it to the top 16 so we are up against the real hard players.
In the questionnaire we’re up against Slow Boat.

How to vote?

Its easy. Click here, click red word “here” on top of that page, then The white chinese white characters in the yellow line below the short list of text. Then answer the questions.

Read more about the event on

Burger Cup 2015


Vic & Murray


Beijing Expat struggles turned into a sitcom

Did you know that wearing a green hat in China, The hat of shame if you will, means you’ve been cheated on? How about a pair of chopsticks vertically shoved in to a bowl of rice – did you know this feeds the ghosts?

If yes, you will get the subtle jokes. If no, you have a lot to learn – and this sitcom will teach you. I am excited about this because I can show this to my friends and family in Sweden who have never been to China, who have no idea what its like and most importantly – who most likely don’t even believe half of my stories from here! This show is like having a guy standing behind me just nodding along while I am talking.
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Our beautiful behind.

  • Bartenders
  • Chefs
  • Prep Cook

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Weekend Events in August


Due to recent warnings by the PSB, regular live music events will be more sporadic until the 70th Anniversary holidays are over. Also, be advised there will be private functions at 4corners at these dates:

Saturday August 8th 8PM – MIDNIGHT
Dulwich College Welcome Party
Friday August 14th 9PM – 11PM
Kentucky Bourbon Tasting (courtyard only)
Saturday August 22nd 7PM – 11PM
Private Birthday Party

Solid Gold

Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine

Our pride and joy, Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine is playing a midnight set. It’s gonna be awesome.

Solid Gold Show
August 8
at midnight