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Los Hispanos

[50 RMB]

Los Hispanos

Latino vibes are filling up our space for a second time!
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Dan Rothwell’s Birthday Party


Dan's Birthday

The Beijing Beatles

The Beijing Beatles

The Beijing Beatles – probably the most famous expat cover band in China.

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MARCOPALOOZA – Charity birthday party

Marcopalooza The guy in the hat, Marco, turns 31 and is using his special day to bring isolated kids from the the rural “disfranchised” parts of Kunming’s industrial outskirts, to visit this magnificent city of Beijing! The three schools involved are located in the Jing Kai Qu 经开区, “Economic Development Zone” of Kunming 昆明. The project is called Kunming Kids and is run by Cassie, who works with them. 12 kids awith 3 teachers and 1 adult voulunteer will be brought here to stay for 5 days and see the city, because the sights of Beijing will blow their friggin’ minds.

Elementary School #3 第三小学, Shiyan Elementary 实验小学, Gao Po Elementary 高坡小学. We are hosting a night of music, raffles and a date auctioning to help raise the money. 6 bands will perform, 3 raffles will take place and 4 people will be auctioned out to dates. Will take donations till 9PM. After 9PM there is a 50 RMB cover charge.

6:45 - 7:25 Orange Mescaline
7:40 - 8:20 Remedios & The Beauty
8:35 - 9:15 Yusi & The Mighty Pale 
9:15 - 9:30 Raffle 1
9:30 - 10:10 Rocksteady
10:10 - 10:25 Raffle 2
10:25 - 11:05 Nathan & The Flying Donuts
11:05 - 11:35 Date Auction 11:35 - 12:05 Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine Set 1 12:05 - 12:20 Final Raffle 12:20 - Late Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine Set 2 Late - Even later (unless the cops shows up) Jamsession

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Los Hispanos

A five-piece band composed of mostly Latino musicians, who met in Beijing. They shared the same love and passion for Latin music and culture, so forming Los Hispanos was the next natural step.

Exciting rhythms and entertaining musicians makes these nights dynamic. The high energy usually bring people to their feet.
You wont forget this night of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Soca and Cha cha cha any day soon.

This is not only music, this is Latino culture. Come and learn from Gilberto, Concha, Elmenson, Kris and Philipe!

10:30 PM

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Interview with Stevie Mac about the Mac Daddies


Steven McKinney (3d right, Lead Vocals, Cian Rance (6th right, Guitar), JP Fernandez (Not in picture, Bass), Thierry Trotignon (Bottom left, Keys), Jay Aumua (Bottom right, Drums), Erin Luce (1st right, Tenor Sax), Vojtech Havrda (2nd right, Alto Sax, Eric Willingham II (4th right, Trombone), Olivia Ryan (7th right, 2nd Vocals), Colette Howarth (Not in picture, 2nd Vocals), Miri Shlimak (5th right, 2nd Vocals),

"Steven McKinney, lead singer of The Avengers of Music, is starting a new band". The word started going around a few months back, which spiked curiosity and the excitement grew naturally together with pieces the of information we got. He wasn't only starting a new band, he was starting a big band. Will Tavey Lean and The Solid Gold dream machine get some serious competition? I squeezed myself into the tiny practice room at Goza during their rehearsal of No Diggity by Blackstreet. A reggae SKA rhythm was filling the room when I got in, and it was awesome. There ain't enough of those beats in the Beijing Music scene. So a few songs are overlapping from The Avengers set-list, but they are played differently. The Macettes and Mac Daddies adds saxophones and trombone to them, which changes the sound completely.

Hey Steven, how come you decided to overlap some songs from the Avengers?
The Mac Daddies are about 50% Avengers. I kept the songs that are truly special to me, No Diggity being one of them. The Avengers are moving on to more rock, less pop, so I brought the ones the Avengers are less likely to play in the future. Time was also a factor since we had this date booked, but after this first show we will learn new songs.
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