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Interview with Stevie Mac about the Mac Daddies


Steven McKinney (3d right, Lead Vocals, Cian Rance (6th right, Guitar), JP Fernandez (Not in picture, Bass), Thierry Trotignon (Bottom left, Keys), Jay Aumua (Bottom right, Drums), Erin Luce (1st right, Tenor Sax), Vojtech Havrda (2nd right, Alto Sax, Eric Willingham II (4th right, Trombone), Olivia Ryan (7th right, 2nd Vocals), Colette Howarth (Not in picture, 2nd Vocals), Miri Shlimak (5th right, 2nd Vocals),

"Steven McKinney, lead singer of The Avengers of Music, is starting a new band". The word started going around a few months back, which spiked curiosity and the excitement grew naturally together with pieces the of information we got. He wasn't only starting a new band, he was starting a big band. Will Tavey Lean and The Solid Gold dream machine get some serious competition? I squeezed myself into the tiny practice room at Goza during their rehearsal of No Diggity by Blackstreet. A reggae SKA rhythm was filling the room when I got in, and it was awesome. There ain't enough of those beats in the Beijing Music scene. So a few songs are overlapping from The Avengers set-list, but they are played differently. The Macettes and Mac Daddies adds saxophones and trombone to them, which changes the sound completely.

Hey Steven, how come you decided to overlap some songs from the Avengers?
The Mac Daddies are about 50% Avengers. I kept the songs that are truly special to me, No Diggity being one of them. The Avengers are moving on to more rock, less pop, so I brought the ones the Avengers are less likely to play in the future. Time was also a factor since we had this date booked, but after this first show we will learn new songs.
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Rich & Jaymi – Slow acoustic night

Rich & Jaymi

Rich is a guy who seems to be at many places at once — although I am sure, that this Friday, he will be at 4 Corners and 4 Corners only. Jaiymi, an “old” singing buddy of his, has just moved to Beijing and they decided to celebrate their reunification by getting on stage and having some fun! So nothing fancy, just what we like to o call “Fun with friends and music”.

Join us joining them jamming!

Hey guys, what are you guys playing for us on Friday? We’re not doing anything crazy this Friday – just a light acoustic set for fun, Rich told me.
Cool! Tell me more! Well, we are doing a generally slow set of acoustic pop.
Who is playing and singing what? On stage we will have a guitar and a keyboard.
Is there anything special about this night? We both used to sing together before, we thought we’d just do a secret set and have some fun.
Alright, who is the target audience? You’re going to love it if you’re eating dinner. Not so much if you’re slamming tequilas.
Ha! Final words? Nope, it will be pretty chill, a live musical experiment if you will, Jaymi contributed.

9:30 PM

Carlo & The Benjamins Saturday May 16

Carlo & The Benjamins
Saturday May 16

BETAMAX on friday 15th

BETAMAX Chris Betamax is the name Chris, Dan and David goes under as a group of DJ’s, who hosts events together.  This Friday David cant make it but Riley will fill in. He will be playing “Oldies but goodies” from early 2000, like Black Eyed Peas and Eve. Daniel claims he will only play music related to “Will” and “Smith”, supposedly as a symptom of his chronic Will Smith fever. Chris on the other hand, will stick to Hip Hop. A night of dancing down memory lane.


The Stefan Karlsson Quintet

Stefan Karlsson – Piano
Xiaochuan Li – Trumpet
Nathaniel Gao – Alto Sax
Danny Zanker – Bass
Charles Foldesh – drums

First Quintet on stage at 4C in the history of time!

Today, Stefan stays active as an educator and performer concertizing and giving clinics at festivals, clubs, educational venues and conferences worldwide. Stefan’s teaching and performing skills has taken him across the globe! He has been to Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Scotland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and throughout the United States. Read more

Karaoke night w. Steven McKinney

Steven McKinney

Time to shake it up a bit! On Saturday May 2, you will be in charge of what you will be listening to. Karaoke Nights are rare at 4 Corners but times they are a changin’! Leave your self-consciousness at home and cut loose from the normal night out. This is what Steven wants you to do! Steven, the lead singer of Stevie Mac And the MacDaddies, will be your host and there will be a special offer in the bar.

Since we are fully aware that people love Karaoke with a buzz going, we are not gonna make it difficult. In fact; we are making it easy. Read more

CARDAMOMO – Latin music night

Cardamomo Cardamomo


No plans for INTRO festival on Friday?
No problem, we got it covered.

Cardamomo is a World Music band with a big number of members. Now they are travelling China as a much smaller act playing Latin music only. Usually on stage they have 15 different instruments such as the Sitar, the djembe, something called “Udu” and even a cello. They also have belly dancers in beautiful clothing and smokemachines at their previous extravagant venues. We wont get the full blown version of all their musical magic, but we will get a glimpse of it. And we will definitively, for sure, be blown away.

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