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New Years Day Uber Late Brunch!

Love me tender

Love me tender

You may be looking at that wonderful goodness and wonder ‘what the hell is that?’. I’ll tell you what it is, it’s your New Years Day hungover brunch going ‘I know what you did last night, now let me make you feel better, I am fresh cheese curd, today I’m going to be partying in your mouth with crispy fries and delicious gravy. You heard of ‘animal fries’? Forget that ugmo, we are what you’ve been waiting for.’

We know that you are probably recouping when you see this, so don’t worry, we aren’t your typical start at 11am New Years Day brunch. We are starting at 2 pm, with star items such as pho, waffles, eggs benny, chicken wings and of course the poutine. For drinks we got you covered with bottomless bloody marys at 120 RMB. So get in here and let’s share in the bliss and curse of ringing in the New Year.

New Years Eve 2014!! 100RMB Bottomless Bubbly!!

New Year's Eve 2014! Come ring in the New Year at ye ol’ faithful 4Corners! We got DJ’s Ted Dancin, Bass Ventura and William Scratchner on the 1 and 2’s pumpin out some retro faves and guilty pleasures. Come early and get your drink on as we got cases and cases of sparkling just for the evening. 100 RMB gets you all you can drink sparkling! (Please drink all of it). Wait, and there’s more! We’ll also be running specials on the Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale with a buy 2 get 1 free deal. See ya on the 31st!

Christmas Eve & Day Dinner 2014!


Come one, come all for another holiday meal a la 4corners. This festive holiday will be ushered in by favourites such as fabulous Turducken, a ham roast, mac n’ cheese, mashed potato and more! Call and book reservations to ensure you get a table for you and your friends and make sure to wear those loose waist jeans you got just for such occasions. All-you-can-eat at only 150 RMB per person.

一年真过得很快。平安夜马上就要到了.。肆角今年会做两天的晚餐,有火腿还有Turducken,(北美的一种烤火鸡的方法,剔骨整只鸡塞在剔骨整只鸭然后再塞在剔骨整只火鸡里面)。 平安夜一个,还有神诞节晚上又有一个。自助餐150快一位。有兴趣快预订。



The renovation of 4 Corners are nearing it’s final stages.