DJ Nights

BETAMAX on friday 15th

BETAMAX Chris Betamax is the name Chris, Dan and David goes under as a group of DJ’s, who hosts events together.  This Friday David cant make it but Riley will fill in. He will be playing “Oldies but goodies” from early 2000, like Black Eyed Peas and Eve. Daniel claims he will only play music related to “Will” and “Smith”, supposedly as a symptom of his chronic Will Smith fever. Chris on the other hand, will stick to Hip Hop. A night of dancing down memory lane.


Betamax with Chris, David & Dan

DanDavid Fertitta   Chris and Dan

Tonight we will have a disco filled Dj Night hosted by Chris Roberson, Daniel Rothwell and David Feritta. You might know these guys from around. Chris is an experimental musician who is part of Scratching Beijing, Daniel is a trombone player in Tavey Lean & The Solid Gold Dream Machine and David Fertitta is a fantastic contribution to Comedy Club China.
Tonight they will be in charge of the music, and unanimously they agreed that: Music you have heard many times before and most likely know the words to, also those songs you secretly like but never admitted to: Will be played.

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CNY 2015 Review

Packed for sure.This hutong was totally packed during Chinese New Years. Fantastically great night with our Djs Chris & David spinning chilled out music during the early hours, then Bye Bye Kitty rocking the stage after the sky was lit by thousands of fireworks. Success!

CNY Melee w. Chris & David

春 节 快 乐


21PM – 02AM

Happy Chinese New year and welcome to our new years melee! Read more

Mindfux Trap/Dubstep night


FRIDAY FEB 20 Puzzy Stack vs. Mindfux Tech House and New Electronic night