Story telling THURSDAY

Story telling night topic - Animals

Everybody has a story.

Tell your story and get a free beer, that’s how it works. The story does not have to be personal or even true. It is the art of the storytelling itself that we are enjoying, the rest doesn’t really matter. Participants are from all over the world, making the stories on non exciting themes like “Pets” very interesting, since no country, culture or family is the same.

Our host, Sven Romberg, comes up with the weekly themes and runs the night. Naturally, he has a bunch of crazy stories of his own, and fortunately equally enjoys telling them as em>listening to yours.

Story telling nightsMaybe you also accidentally cross dressed for a party, woke up in a lesbian free love community or had your wallet stolen by your neighbor?

Thank you everyone who has participated, for sharing your wits, honesty and storytelling skills.