Story telling night topic - Animals

Got a story to tell?

People talking about animals/pets in Scandinavia is really different from people talking about animals/pets in Uganda. Since the guests of 4 Corners are from all corners of the world, these nights teach us a little bit about different countries as well as different people. The perspectives are different and we get to know their families through their stories. Its amazing!

Sven Romberg, the host, comes up with the fantastic topics and he is your go-to-guy if you have any questions. Since he is a quite busy person, we are stoked that he can find time for us every Wednesday evening. He does a terrific job, has a bunch of crazy stories and enjoys telling stories just as much as he enjoy listening to them.

This is how it works!

Sign your name on the list, before or during the Story Telling. At 8 PM Sven will start the night by telling his story on the subject. Afterwards he will ask if anybody has a “This one time”. A “This one time” is a story, you haven’t prepared, that is related to the story just heard.Story telling nightsMaybe you also accidentally cross dressed or almost had a threesome at one point? If yes – share that story!

Usually we have 5 – 10 story tellers. Every story told on the topic – earned its teller a free drink!

Some final words. Thank you to all our story tellers!
Your honesty and ways of living are inspiring!

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